Organic Shrimp Farming Co | Product & Services
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We welcome you to

Organic Shrimp Farming Co., Ltd

Only Organic products

Our Shrimps

Currently, we are producing White Shrimp/Blue genetic (Penaeus Vannamei) and Tiger shrimp/moana (Penaeus Monodon) . With experienced farmers, we grow our shrimps in a wide variety range of sizes to meet our customers request. Here are some pictures of our babies from post larvae to full grown for your reference.

Our Ponds

With 7 fully aerated ponds spanning over 38,400 sqm, these breeding ponds have a stocking density of 50 shrimps per sqm. To mitigate the potential environmental impact the farm may have on the lagoon, 3 specially designed containment ponds serve the function to polish effluent from used breeding water before being released into the mangroves bordering the farm.

Our Nursery

Situation within the farm premise is our nursery designed for conductive incubation of Post Larvae. The unique strategy in our nursery system enables better control over the developmental stages of the Post Larvae prior to their release to grow out ponds. We are confident that our methods ensure optimal pond survival rates as well as to yield healthy bulk to the Shrimps

Our Processes

Post Larvae reliably sourced from associates that is approved by thai fishery board will be put into our nursery system for 2 weeks before being released to grow out ponds where the shrimps will stay till maturity for harvesting. To ensure a high survival rate with optimal Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), these grow out ponds are specially prepared and regularly maintained. Strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are in place to ensure that



  • Fresh sea water kept in reserve pond undergoes electrolytes treatment to ensure all harmful bacteria and viruses are eliminated before they are pumped into newly cleaned and empty grow out ponds
  • Maintenance of water quality starts with daily checks on ammonia, nitrate oxide and PH levels; with prompt adjustments where necessary
  • Water exchanges at grow out ponds are made on a daily basis at an average of 5%
  • 1 month upon releasing shrimp fry to grow out ponds, these pond beds will be vacuumed on a daily basis. (apply only for tiger shrimps)

Our Feed

We do not use commercial feed in our farm. All our feeds are 100% natural Rice Brands with our homemade probiotic blending fermentation process. We also grow our own mussels in one of our pond as food for our shrimps.

Shrimp sizes and harvesting

    For White Shrimps:

Harvest by pond – Shrimps are awarded to the highest bidder on the day of the auction. Please leave your contact information under contact form page and we will contact you 2 weeks before harvest.

    For Tiger shrimps:

41-50 pcs per kg
36-40 pcs per kg
31-35 pcs per kg
26-30 pcs per kg
21-25 pcs per kg

Following sized only by REQUEST:

16-20 pcs per kg
11-15 pcs per kg
10 pcs per kg
8 pcs per kg
6 pcs per kg
4 pcs per kg

Export quantity requirements – Minimum 1,000 KG

Estimated harvesting for 2019/2020



End MAY/Early JUNE (Size 40-50 pcs per kg)
End SEPTEMBER/Early OCTOBER  (Size 40-50 pcs per kg)


End DECEMBER 2019/Early JANUARY 2020 (Size 40-50 pcs per kg)
End APRIL/Early MAY (Size 40-50 pcs per kg)


TIGER SHRIMP (Penaeus monodon)


End DECEMBER 2019/Early JANUARY 2020 (Size 40-50 pcs per kg)

Our Delivery

For domestic market:

  • Live shrimp are delivered by our special design truck with in build water tank and oxygen
  • Fresh ice packed

For international market:

  • Live shrimp can be exported by air cargo using ice and oxygen to keep the shrimp alive, but journey duration should not exceed 10 hours
  • Fresh ice packed

Note: We can also deliver cooked or frozen shrimps upon customer request