Organic Shrimp Farming Co | Product & Services
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We welcome you to

Organic Shrimp Farming Co., Ltd

We are located at klaeng, Thailand and our farm location is just 500m from the sea.

Our farm is 100% organic as we do not use any form of chemicals or antibiotic on our water and shrimps also, water are constantly treated with probiotics.

Penaeus monodon generally known as, Tiger Shrimp is a marine invertebrate that is widely reared for food. We feed our shrimps with natural foods such as mussels & fish. 

    Our shrimps size ranges from:

36-40 pcs per kg
30-34 pcs per kg
25-29 per kg
20-24 per kg
15-19 per kg


Packing size: 15 kgs per box (12 kgs shrimps with 3 kgs ice)